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Delores’ Sagacity

O heavy heart that aches with despair

Lost, despondent, and left to die

O the soul that concedes to the pain

Inside of me that yet abides

Where is the joy that this life was to bring?

Days I would escape memories of the forgotten?

Hope is gone and darkness to swallow me

 Like grass that blankets the earth

 Joy, a facade; a mask to hide the plights

Of unrelenting torment

Wondering in the dark

Nightmares transmute reality

Seasons unchanging

The hand that is bitterness

Hold only misery and sorrow

Wielding its sword to fell

Every instrument of suffering

But, alas weary

Fatally wounded

I am, undone

Delores Collins: This poem was written by me in Jan 2007.


You see grey eyes
I see grey skies
You said steel blue
I believed in you

I lay wounded in the brush
Not making a sound
You might come back
I might believe again
No, I won’t

So we decided to try again
I watch you, waiting…
For you to fall down again
Pick up the pieces
But, I won’t do it again



 Light is dark and one,
 It's song is un-sung.
 It's own fate it has sealed.
 The wounds it bears has never healed.

 Walks alone does he,
 Perhaps he's alot like me,
 Blinded by confusion and frustration.
 For it never sees the light before night sets.

 It carries on with eyes wide shut,
 In a mindless rut.
 Feeling rotten to the core,
 Waiting for the day, when it's pain is no more.....

                         -"Lady Wolenczak"-

A Closed Heart

I thought my heart was dead,
But yet she stands out to it.
I thought the last wound finished the deal,
But yet she seems to be a revival.
The ache from the last is still there, a crushing blow,
But she is the painkiller.
I convinced myself i was finished, never to love again,
But shes still there.
People told me to go for it,
I won’t believe them.
People say I can still be happy,
I can’t believe them…
I tell myself that my heart is still closed,
And I believe it.