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Never Knowing

U will never know,

How ugly I feel inside.

To just sit here one day,

And lay down and cry.

When some people call me mean names,

It seems like I don’t care.

But really,

The feelings of hurt are always there.

People say that I am not ugly,

And that I am wrong.

But it’s hard to agree,

After so long.

U will never know the feelings,

That have been here for years.

These feelings,

That have caused most of my tears.

U will never know the feeling,

Of not being loved.

To sit there and cry,

To be yelled at and shoved.

I want you,

To just be there for me.

Because this will take a while,

For me to be free.

To be free from the feeling inside of me,

The feeling of being ugly.

Please, I know u will never know,

But understand I won’t let it show.

Beneath my smiles, laughter and cheers,

There is a person inside that fears.

Of being lonely and not having anybody.

Vicky S. 2001



Drinking wine…
too much..
need to absorb the pain
of me. ..
Am I too ugly..
to be a wife.
I know I’m too old..now
will never feel the warmth
of calling my husband
to embrace me unconditionally.
How lucky some are..They dance in their kitchens
sharing secrets.
Loneliness reminds you that you are alone
please dance with me..