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Electricity, tunnels, and light

Has the power ever went out in your house at night during a storm,

and you’re left in the dark?

and all you can do is wait and wait…and wait for the power to come back on.

And hope that by some force greater than you and unknown

you will regain the electricity you lack

. The difference between this situation

and life is that sometimes waiting isn’t always the best choice.

Now I have a follow up question…

Has the power ever went out on you life?

You know what I mean?

You feel alone…



In the dark….

Where the literal light

cannot outshine the metaphorical darkness..

the literal darkness is even worse.

The darkness cloaks you like a tunnel.

And even when you embrace the very darkness

that surrounds you you still want to find the end of the tunnel.

Because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn’t there?

They say when you’re in the dark it’s best to stay put.

That way you won’t get any nicks, or scratches or bruises along the way.

Its terrifying.

Whether you’re scared of the things you think you see

or the things you have seen.

The place where you are is rather homely

and you have everything you need here.

You know you are safe and you’re comfortable.

However you are still surrounded by the very thing that eats at you.

And that light,

That warm unbeknown light is waiting for you.

I know it’s difficult and the first steps are always the hardest.

But if you make the choice to bare the burdens

that the unknown journey holds for you,

you might find a long the way that the

light you’ve been looking and wanting so badly

isn’t the only prize.

The Scorned One

night turns to gray,day turns to ash.
The beast prowls among this empty place.
No man shall come here less he be consumed by the monsters claws.
The darkness calls my name, and the well shall be my resting place.
Such a cold place it shall be, where hearts rot and eyes lose their shine.
Such a horrible fate for a man such as me,but yet  what worries lies therein after?
Society is a prison, empty men with empty hearts.
Woe is them,if only they but knew… such an empty place..
A sign with no sense of direction, ahead where the confused lie.
Eyes view the one who thinks differently as insane, oh how it hurts.
Minds filled with Venom, from the fangs of so called truth.
The glamour and glitz for how long will it please a man,for the sky will crack and show the infection it hid.
What do you consider normal?
For every man has a reality tunnel, but the wolves come out to play.
Quick to judge, but lack of similarity.
Does the judger see through the eyes of the condemned?
Oh, how unfair it is.
The scorned one walks all alone, with no place to call home.
The voices of the alike scorn him and tells him there is a place for him.
Woe is him Woe is him, in the pit of the abyss where others such as him will go.
But comfortable to see men to see men such as him.
The scorned one views love as evil, because the bucket is easy to spill.
Such a over used word, in a heartless world.
But yet, within him he cries for love.
The ghost of the “before” haunts him reminding him of the scars that appeared within him.
The dragon holds dominion upon the sheep, oh will when they wake up?
The whips of ignorance slice across the scorned one, and the bullets of the hateful writhe his inner reality.
He views himself as crazy upon the wolfs, but his hope holds a rope for him.
Watch Rome the second crumble upon its errors, will the truth touch them then?
Oh how awful it is to see the sun turn black and the beast reign among the dead.
Where naked woman dance, and bitter men cheat.
Let it be, that it will not change me.
Skulls reign among the machine,and the Octopus prospers.
For it gains the riches, and steals from the low.
The buildings of conformity, prey among the young to mold them into a mindless drone.
May they call me insane and lock me in the place of the well, but my eyes see the truth.
Who am I you ask?
Well im The Scorned One.


The poem is filled with symbols and meanings within it. I’m not gonna give the “full” interpretation of what everything means, only because I leave the reader to interpret it. What the basic summary of this poem is about society in general. Since I have different ideas and beliefs about society, that makes me feel all alone. – Eddie