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Sitting here alone, I feel empty.
Empty inside, without the ability to touch or be touched.
Thinking too much.

I keep catching myself thinking about them.
How long will this carry on
The deep solace that pulls you down deeper.
Mud, sinking fast, it’s so hard to get out of
Unless you have help.
Someone to save you before you get too deep.

But no-ones there, no-one to drag you out
Like a helpless soul, lost where your
Not supposed to be.
It can’t be like this forever?

I always thought they’d be there
No matter what.
It’s an unwritten rule

So where are they?

I have written this poem after I’ve found out a lot of things about my
boyfriend and another girl and don’t know if they are true because a lot of
people have got involved. I fee my friends don’t understand how I’m feeling
and just don’t seem to be on my side, making me feel like I’m in the wrong.
It is mainly about my friends and not my boyfriend as this is what has hurt
me the most. It also mentions the girl involved as “her”. It shows how
lonely I feel at such a time of need.



I am nowhere to be felt to be held to be loved to be touched to be whole to be found to be me to be anything to be simply Gone Empty Void Motionless Absent Vacant Alone Alone Alone in a world flying by floating by stagnant stationary so impenetrable so hard so dead so hurt so hated so sick so so so Alone F* You F* Me F* God F* it All How did I get here How do I get out How do I survive How do I feel this How love hurts me How I have no answers I have no knowledge Just pain just love just loneliness just longing just yearning just aching just dying just wanting arms to hold me whispers to soothe me breath to fill me love to stir me Eyes Soul God this hurts Missing Ending Eternity Pain Love me Where have I gone I want to love believe love in love for love lost love new love old love real love eternal love innocence joy peace grace God where have I gone help me find my way back to myself whoever that is I do not care anymore I just want to feel love feel whole feel me oh please….

Far Away

– sbh

Some child, behind a whisper
does live for music


To hear shimmering tones
Melody, high, low, violin – Ashokan Waltz, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Mozart
The sweet playing of one so young so as to set you heart weeping joyfully

To be touched again by the sweet angry eyes of another child’s longing to feel present
Who begs love because he does not know he is already

To be held with loving grace, the large long fingered hands, 6 feet tall, enwrapped

Some child, behind a whisper does live for music

A child hidden
Masked through firm hand, strong tiny form who dances with headphones mile upon mile upon mile

Young woman’s face
Enshrouded with wisps of silver, white, brown, black hair
The directional lines of The Prophet’s ‘seasonless’ world mapped deep, directional
cause, effect across her cheeks

Some child, behind the voice of conviction
Facts, diagrams, judgments
Saved by music

This child does live for music
Longing to be sung through aged lips