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Loneliness is Looming

Loneliness is Looming

head it starts zooming

don’t know what’s in store

my heart will start to pour

this never ending ache

how long must I take

this lonely night of the soul

so familiar with its toll

tired and in need

of a familiar breed

place for my soul to rest

from this loneliness pest

never leaving me alone

always there no one to phone

feeling sick I’m going mad

even gave up on sad

rejection rears its head

needing rest gone to bed .

by  Carmelia WOL


I love you

But you don’t even know me

you can’t even see me

you will never say my name

but you have caused me so much pain

always in vain I’m praying that just maybe you will call

but you never do

just once to say I love you

I pray so much so I can say I love you too


God send me an angel to heal my broken heart,

and my tired soul. I was not meant to be alone

God please send me an angel to save me from my self

I am stuck in my own private hell locked up in this cell of loneliness

Send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes and to change my life



What’s it like over there,
With that manicured body and that perfect hair,

Tired of all your dates,
Wish you could just chill at home some night,

Hard to keep track of it all,
Sick of all that time at the mall,

Friends annoying and loud,
Wish you could find a different crowd,

Well, try it my way,
Try being alone

every night and every day,

Oh, sure a few real friends,

but NO ONE to go home to. Not even a tormentor for company

It hurts. I’ll trade mine for yours any day.

My Heart Will Always Be Yours

I feel like I’m getting sucked into a black hole

The life I live is no longer my own

I see strangers wandering along my path of misery

I used to have a reason, a reason to stay

In this rat infested place we call earth

But when you said goodbye

All my hope and desires just went away

I can’t sleep, I try to close my weary eyes

But all I can think about is you

I can’t help wondering how things would’ve been

If I only just said what I felt, deep inside…

But I tell you now; even I know it’s too late

My love for you is the only thing that kept me standing

Now I’m tired, still standing in line

Waiting till my time has come

The day you said goodbye, my heart was ripped apart

There were times I thought things were getting better

Times I thought I could love another

But they all turned out the same

The girl got hurt and I stood alone, once again

If I would only get one more chance

If you’d only know what I felt for you

Things might be turned out differently

But I feel my end is getting near

So I can only hope we meet again

Not in this life but in the next

Where we can begin a fresh start

My love for you is eternal and shall forever last

Now I say goodbye and wait for you

On the other side

I am Afraid

i am afraid

forty winters of loneliness

forty long, cold, empty years

one single unbroken night


forty years of the cold-shoulder

of mockery

of laughter

of despair


i love


no one loves me


i am afraid


i am a worthless piece of shit

a failure


everything i touch

i ruin


that which i have done

out of thoughtfulness

out of compassion

out of love

comes back to haunt me


eyes bore into me


how do you dare

to think you could be human

to have feelings of warmth and tenderness

or to be allowed to express them


i am afraid


i am afraid because

i am alone

and tired


tired of passing through this existence

as an unseen spirit


tired of being sick of heart

tired of my heart being a pain-filled void

tired of looking towards another forty years

alone and unloved


never worthy of being held

never worthy of being told, “I love you” or “I need you”

never mattering


i am afraid