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Spirit World

Comes the day
that thoughts die down
eyes opened
still are blind

Rising of throng spirits
of the past
piercing my heart
again and again
poisoning the present
into a pool of grief
to the bottom
of my soul

The pain, the intense pain
of deeply loving in vain
To be abandoned
make them banished
to the gaol
of my memories

Yearning for
a voice in the storm
a voice
that is not there

Frightened like a child
fumbling for a hand
in the dark
Putting my ear to the ground
and scanning the spirits

I feel SO alone
and let the tears come
by one

Water outside-
fire within-
Still the courage
for a new life

The morning comes
broken heart

Feeling like shouting:
I am the bride
and still separate…

Will I ever
enter the circle



Walking down empty streets with an empty heart,
searching, seeking ,with an almost animal lust and desperation
some form of human contact,
a friendly smile,
a helping hand,
a sign of caring,
a sign that I even exist in this cold, harsh land,
walking, walking, no destination,
walking, walking, empty heart,
deep sorrow,
angry, hurtful tears flow freely from a well of emptiness,
deep within a ravaged soul,
crying out loudly, silently,
for love, for comfort,
but no one comes, ever,
I am so, so




So, here we are alone again
But we’ve always been alone on memory send
The last time was so bad
I thought it was you I had
But i didn’t have anything, what everyone else has

I don’t have anything

So i cried blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart. just an empty space

The streets filled with souls
And I’ll walk alone
No destination in mind, no goals
Avoid walking near your workplace
In case I see your face
I swear if i did i’d cry
These tears of blood of mine

So i’ll cry blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart, just an empty space

So i’ll cry tears for you
Warm, burning on my skin
Overspill this hate too
Don’t need a heart where i’m in

Don’t want to fall in love
Don’t want to fall in love again

Never Knowing

U will never know,

How ugly I feel inside.

To just sit here one day,

And lay down and cry.

When some people call me mean names,

It seems like I don’t care.

But really,

The feelings of hurt are always there.

People say that I am not ugly,

And that I am wrong.

But it’s hard to agree,

After so long.

U will never know the feelings,

That have been here for years.

These feelings,

That have caused most of my tears.

U will never know the feeling,

Of not being loved.

To sit there and cry,

To be yelled at and shoved.

I want you,

To just be there for me.

Because this will take a while,

For me to be free.

To be free from the feeling inside of me,

The feeling of being ugly.

Please, I know u will never know,

But understand I won’t let it show.

Beneath my smiles, laughter and cheers,

There is a person inside that fears.

Of being lonely and not having anybody.

Vicky S. 2001



Feeling so much inside
But what it is, I don’t know

The emotions are overwhelming
Crying became tear-less
It’s getting harder to express what is inside

I wanted to tell somebody
But nobody understood
because I too, do not understand.

If only I could write my heart out
and let my emotions out…
If only I could cry my heart out
and let my tears flow…
If only I could have someone
to hug me and tell me it is alright…

If only.

By K.R.