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Sweet Words

May the sweetness of my words
Bring healing to your soul
May everything I do and say
Bless and make you whole

May the flowing of my words
Enrich your heart and mind
May everything I do and say
Be gentle loving and kind

May the power of my words
Bring rich and lasting treasure
May everything I do and say
Be yours in abundant measure

May the spirit of my words
Bring hope to have and hold
May everything I do and say
Bring healings that enfold

So if you hear my words today
If you are sad and blue
Know for sure this little poem
Is from my heart to you
by Carmelia WOL

Poems by DT

Where are you, love?

Where are you, love?

I’ve been looking for you everywhere

Even crossed the world to be with you

Thought I finally met you there

Instead you broke my heart in two

I was hurt beyond compare

And finally left in despair

Where in the world must I go now

Til I can finally find you?

Where are you, love?


Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

I’m at the end of the road

Here I am again, as always

Somehow I’ve managed to lose my ways

I’m all alone and feeling lonely

That makes my life completely empty

Without my husband nor a friend

Feel there’s no one I can depend

I see my world without future

Just hanging on like this is torture

For I have nothing to look forward

Body and soul completely battered

Dear Lord, oh my sweet dear Lord

In this world so full of hate and discord

Please hear me cry out in agony

And help me out of my misery


My smile makes me sick

I wonder what you see

Does it turn your stomach

As it does to me?

Does it look bright and sweet?

I can’t stand the way it feels

The memory of my reflection

Makes me feel so rotten

But I can’t help but smile

Now and then

I picture what it’s like

I try to kill it

I curse myself

The thought that I’ve carried out

The ridiculous contortion

The thought that you’ve seen it

It just makes me sick.


By Sudhakar