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So here I am again,

Standing on the line,

Of what’s real or vain,

You’re so distinct,

Dear loneliness you found me,

Between the lines of eternity and my soul. 

The sun is here, 

But it feels so cold.

My shadow is reflecting,

And my hairs are floating.

” I’m use to it it’s fine, to be hurt, to be left, and every single hope I said are just memories in my head.”

I want to break,

I want to cry,

And hold into your hand.

I beg you,

I beg you,

Don’t leave me. 

” I’ll be good “

I promise.

I just want someone to love

And never let go.

What should I do,

To make you see.

I’m so desperate,

To feel a gentle hand,

On my head.

I don’t mean anything,

To anyone.

And those words let you see,

How pitiful I really am.

The Rain Doth Comfort Me

By Maria O  November 25, 1999


Tho I remember the sweetest touch of them all

I pray the voice of the rain doth not stop today

For this morning is of silent voices flying through

My mind’s atmosphere like the breath of a child


‘tis the gasp of my mother & child…of those

Who have fallen, yet my stride takes heed

With the ear of a fawn listening for a twig’s

Aide memoire of fear & a secluded thicket


If only this sun would not come through the veil

Of soft grays to burn & wither the innocent souls

In my valley today…for now I am quiet & pensive

Within these strange walls that bleed oblivion


I cycle the back road

Sun pushing at my back

If the wind comes in my face,

I’ll take a different track

My route is always spontaneous

For I always ride alone

It’s not the best of worlds,

But it sure beats sitting at home.

Bicycle built for one,

Apartment built for two.

Somehow it seems incongruous

Like a blue suit with brown shoes.

There are bicycles built for two

But for that two people must commit

To travel on the same path

And hope that for us it fits.

Some day that bike’s for me

But for now she is unknown

So it’s bicycle for one

As I ride this road alone


Steve Ropiak