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Staring out the lens of the telescope

beyond the dark, silent, night

Tossing comments of solid ice,

far, fast, passing Earth by

Viewing the constellations of stars,

the planets, the sun

Flaming Red Rocket roaring through space,

near, powerful, pulling a stunt

Following the ringed planet attracted to its vibrant,

dust, of beautiful colors

Slowly pulling the bright stars into,

the never-ending darkness of black holes

An army of firing meteor showers charging past the Milky Way

And one lonely meteorite,

Burning a path so rare

The darkness of space goes on forever but,

Only do the person on the other side of the telescope

Capture the beauty of space so ordinary


By: Valerie G



I sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but can’t connect to.

Lonely is what I know,

Lonely is who I am,

Lonely is what I have always been

I look at others who seem so happy,

laughing, joking, sharing, caring.

It is a strange world they live in,

It looks warm and full of colour,

unlike mine which is cold and black

How I long to travel there

And sit with them for a while.

But it is a world that I don’t know

It seems strange, foreign.

So I think I’ll stay here for now,

and sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but is not for me

Gareth S Brown