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Feeling Lonely

feeling lonely,

i wake in the morning and feel nothing but pain,

thoughts race they come again and again

where can i go what can i do ,where ever i go loneliness comes to,

a feeling of hurt a feeling of pain runs through my body like i can’t explain,

feeling inferior feeling no good when all u crave is to be understood ,

days seem so long nites hard to bear the feeling of loneliness the feeling of despair

my insides burn with fire and pain longing for freedom again and again

emotions run high the mind turns in living this way feels like I’ve sinned

longing for people longing for fun if only an angel could show me what has to be done

i want to be happy i want to feel free of this feeling called loneliness deep inside me

all i can do is wait and pray for i believe that maybe one day

an angel will come and show me the way.

s. davies


Definition of Loneliness

Loneliness means having to make a decision on the lesser of 2 evils

Loneliness is having a shot of whiskey and a .38
and trying to decide which is better

The whiskey is temporary,
The .38 will cure all

Loneliness-the great abyss
One final darkness-the pain is gone

I once stood in the beautiful light of relationships
Now I stand in the darkness of solitude

Once again I will cry
Thank God, only once I will die

All that keeps me in check
Is the thought that God will not forget

The sin that I contemplate tonight
The thought that I could take my life

Save me, save me
From this loneliness that enslaves