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My smile makes me sick

I wonder what you see

Does it turn your stomach

As it does to me?

Does it look bright and sweet?

I can’t stand the way it feels

The memory of my reflection

Makes me feel so rotten

But I can’t help but smile

Now and then

I picture what it’s like

I try to kill it

I curse myself

The thought that I’ve carried out

The ridiculous contortion

The thought that you’ve seen it

It just makes me sick.


By Sudhakar

The Dog

I am not English,
But lost in an English country,
I use it to express myself…,
I don’t know how,
Or worse,
I don’t know what,
Or even this
Can this be expressed,
Since emptiness is inexpressible in words,
So my clumsiness is evermore symbolic.
Lost from myself, my roots, my youth, my culture,
Rottening full  of the same Angst,
But worse than the old Kierkegaard.

I still have my dog.




 Light is dark and one,
 It's song is un-sung.
 It's own fate it has sealed.
 The wounds it bears has never healed.

 Walks alone does he,
 Perhaps he's alot like me,
 Blinded by confusion and frustration.
 For it never sees the light before night sets.

 It carries on with eyes wide shut,
 In a mindless rut.
 Feeling rotten to the core,
 Waiting for the day, when it's pain is no more.....

                         -"Lady Wolenczak"-