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My Description of Loneliness

The tarot card “Death” held the night still glistening in drenching dew
upon the docile, pale face in transition to revive and be anew.
This journey covered in the rainbow dispelled from her enduring heart
covering the midnight skies and stars that were separated and driven apart.

Her form bearing immeasurable strength adored and somehow revered,
giving way for her essence to pass through the pie-eyed larks without shedding a tear.
You care for your loneliness, but why avoid me or dare to ignore?
For rapport can be more of a healer than some pet theory score.

Do you know what it is too long for what has passed without promise of it’s return?
Can you feel the heat on your back when their heads turn?
My definition of loneliness wouldn’t at all bear anything to you-
for anyone who know and discover it are the tried and true.

Footnote: Loneliness is an emotion that knows no logic. Things that aren’t logical really can put a challenge on anyone who attempts to seek a definition or a wide array of definitions. There are also synonyms to compromise with as well as human psyche, emotional connections, spiritual definitions and connections, and lifestyle. If anything, everything I had described in the previous sentence should and can be a guideline in defining loneliness, but can never give any one definition more emphasis than the other – they are all a part of how we think and feel. How we think usually derives from what we sense/feel as human beings and because of that alone, there is no actual logic behind this emotion. Don’t get me wrong… loneliness is not a disillusion or a figment of someone’s imagination. I believe that if the world exposed itself to Emotional Intelligence, there would be a more broad definition for everything challenging us to exercise our empathy and compassion – two beautiful human qualities that a lot of professionals and people alike overlook.


However common is the thought
That rainbows never end
I came upon a pail of gold
Whose lid was just an arm
Whose fist was loose and worn
With clutching
With clutching