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Memories flow like butterflies. They pass by quietly, take me by surprise. Our wedding day, the trip together, our first love nest. Watching you leave me in the cold morning with a kiss. What a pleasure, did you know I used to watch you through my window until you disappeared? I think you knew because you would wave at the air. I would wait for your return smelling like roses and with a home cook meal.  I was pregnant! a surprise our first son what a joy!. He was perfect and full of energy. I loved you so much, but I didn’t know what love was until we parted. you with another wife and me with another man. What happened to us?.  What kind of pain was that.

I never been the same, never will. This loneliness is killing me. You will always be, my first love my only love. Years passed and it still hurts to think about our life together and how happy and perfect it was. I pray for you every night and for me. I need to find peace in this life without you or your love. To make peace with loneliness.

I look at my reflection in the mirror of time and I’m slowly dying with sadness and regrets. Nobody loves me, nobody wants me, I’m a shadow, a ghost, I go unnoticed and ignored. The world goes on without me like I never existed, why is loneliness so cruel.

I will love you forever and after death. I will give half my life for your embrace. My body craves your arms around me, to hug me, comfort me and dry my tears. I need your embraced now and forever.

The Rain Doth Comfort Me

By Maria O  November 25, 1999


Tho I remember the sweetest touch of them all

I pray the voice of the rain doth not stop today

For this morning is of silent voices flying through

My mind’s atmosphere like the breath of a child


‘tis the gasp of my mother & child…of those

Who have fallen, yet my stride takes heed

With the ear of a fawn listening for a twig’s

Aide memoire of fear & a secluded thicket


If only this sun would not come through the veil

Of soft grays to burn & wither the innocent souls

In my valley today…for now I am quiet & pensive

Within these strange walls that bleed oblivion

Feeling Lonely

feeling lonely,

i wake in the morning and feel nothing but pain,

thoughts race they come again and again

where can i go what can i do ,where ever i go loneliness comes to,

a feeling of hurt a feeling of pain runs through my body like i can’t explain,

feeling inferior feeling no good when all u crave is to be understood ,

days seem so long nites hard to bear the feeling of loneliness the feeling of despair

my insides burn with fire and pain longing for freedom again and again

emotions run high the mind turns in living this way feels like I’ve sinned

longing for people longing for fun if only an angel could show me what has to be done

i want to be happy i want to feel free of this feeling called loneliness deep inside me

all i can do is wait and pray for i believe that maybe one day

an angel will come and show me the way.

s. davies


Beautiful Lover

Beautiful Lover, tell me how have you been?
A bit dusty, but otherwise, working and clean.
We’ve been talking much more these days, I think.
And here we are again, out for another drink.

Here’s to us then, what do you say,
A toast to us on such a fine day?
To us, to us! Let’s drink to us, then,
For friends we have been since, since when?

How silly are you, six months it has been!
Together day and night, inseparable, I mean, For six months now, from my side you’ve not parted Not even for a moment, since this whole affair started!

Of course I haven’t, you know I was just joking, Some fun at your impulsiveness I was poking.
I understand, Beautiful Lover, and I think of you no less, Rather, I imagine only our upcoming, intimate bliss.

Do feel you are ready, speak true if you please, For before we begin, you must be fully at ease.
But if you are not, speak now, I pray,
And I will wait for you, for another day.

You lie naked beside me as I sit on my bed, Forget all words that could poss’bly be said.
For at this moment, the universe is ours to share, May our destinies become one, release ev’ry care.

Ready I am, your taste lingers on my lip, Your trigger I feel on my finger tip, My friend, my loneliness ends with you, Beautiful Lover, my issued C7A2.