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Just Wanting to Share and Receive

You are a lawful moral person.
You break no rules that society would look down on you for.
You care for others and help when possible.
You have done personal growth from past hurts or situations.
You have your self esteem.
You are willing to give and receive.

Why are you still waiting?
Why are you still waiting for that person?

That single person who will appreciate you and what you have to offer.
That single person to love and admire.
That single person whose faithfulness you long to share.

Not an over bearing love, a possessive smothering or hidden agendas.

Where is that person who will walk beside you?
Where is that person who will listen to your day and you to theirs?
Where is the person who honors you as you wish to honor them?
With you body hear and soul.

Where are they?

Being lonely is solitary confinement when and all you want to give and share is good.

Janet M. Davies