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Spirit World

Comes the day
that thoughts die down
eyes opened
still are blind

Rising of throng spirits
of the past
piercing my heart
again and again
poisoning the present
into a pool of grief
to the bottom
of my soul

The pain, the intense pain
of deeply loving in vain
To be abandoned
make them banished
to the gaol
of my memories

Yearning for
a voice in the storm
a voice
that is not there

Frightened like a child
fumbling for a hand
in the dark
Putting my ear to the ground
and scanning the spirits

I feel SO alone
and let the tears come
by one

Water outside-
fire within-
Still the courage
for a new life

The morning comes
broken heart

Feeling like shouting:
I am the bride
and still separate…

Will I ever
enter the circle


Loneliness is a Sly Poison

Loneliness is a sly poison.

It creeps over your body like an oil slick on the ocean,

Slowly engulfing every pore, quietly penetrating your heart,

Permeating your inner core, your very being.

It leaves you feeling cold and empty inside,

Isolated, out of touch with others,

Passionately wanting to reach out to someone,

But you are choked out, unable to do so.

ur heart cries out with pain, and no one listens.

Loneliness is paralyzing.

As the busy world goes rushing by

You continue to go through the motions,

But you are disconnected, unable to relate.

Your sorrow is impenetrable.

Your spiral of despair begins to gain speed,

Life looks dismal and bleak.

I want this insidious poison to leave me

But it hangs on, a dull deep ache,

That screams in my head.

The Poison Within



the timing is wrong

this desire and fascination

driven by an unknown force

a perfect drug

a mixture created in a bathroom sink

collected in an iodine dropper

muscles clench

stomach rejects

let it out

get it out

falling to the floor

hands and knees meet broken glass

absorbs it into them

the body

keeps sucking it up

sucking it in

devouring this poison

loves it

licks it

can’t kick this

can’t pull out now

too late to go back

just give in

body to floor

broken bottles feel stomach



creeping over and crawling in

a million pests burrowing

don’t fight it

lay still

and just absorb