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Breath of Darkness

It never seems that i’ll get a break
from the sadness that fills my life
always falling even further than before
when i thought i couldn’t drowned any more
gasping for air I search to find my soul
surrounded by nothing and reaching for something
but there is no search light to help me see
maybe it’s because there is nothing there for me
loneliness seems to be the only thing in store for me

I’m drifting through the sea of darkness
drowning and clawing out at nothingness
dreaming of better days that never come
remembering past lives that came undone
unglued and lost pieces of a puzzle
a picture of a perfect life fades away

I sleep and i dream of nightmares
to wake up to a living hell
surrounded by mistakes and lies i tell
myself it will be ok even though
I know that nothingness will evoke my

a life preserver is nowhere in sight
so i take a deep breath of darkness
and i drowned to feel something


Alone: apart, you are with no one; full of only yourself and your own thoughts.

Alone: forgetting god is always here. God is always here, we are never really alone but…


Lonely: Reaching for anything, making things up,talking to the kitty cat, I am having nightmares, and forgetting:

Forgetting all the people that love me.


Lost: someone refers to me as  lonely and for the first time I realize, “I guess I

Am lonely…I didn’t feel lonely, I guess I am.”


Talking to strangers at the grocery store, at the doctors office.

Grasping for hugs, but always wanting another hug, I want another one, and another…

Remembering, yes remembering, god is always here.

I will not be alone forever!


Being strong!

Knowing that I am alone by choice, that I left “him” because he was not “the one”, better to be Lonely and doing the right thing than with someone for the wrong reasons.


I will not be alone forever…There will be time for love again…


God enters the darkest rooms.