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In Search

Where do you begin to search for “did you find someone?”.
It’s like searching for the pink elephant in the wild.
I have said to myself that this person’s first lesson to you will be to keep in hope and never give up,
but now it feels more like a need and I feel lonely.
I thought I searched for love, but instead I am in search of being loved, being wanted.
I believe that there is a person somewhere.
I just have to be open and kind.
For love itself shall come to you.
You cannot go to love or even bring love to you.
Try not to think about lonelyness, but rather hope and ask (gently).

And now we wait…

Written by: Suzanne Loots


And I’ve lost my footing once again
While moon drops reflect upon the sea
To cushion the love I have for you
To cushion the loss of inevitability
The driving concern to fill the need
The void deepens as I reach, reach.
For our last breath
And you hold out no arms
To brace me
From impact
So slammed
I am
Deep within the rocks
Stone shelter me
Caress the inner workings of my slight
Twist of hand
To breathe the air you breathe
To hear the words you speak
I am but the echoes of the love
You are to me
Up on a pedestal doused in esteem
It is the joy I once bathed you in
It is the love you do not feel for me

-MHK 2001-


Broken Heart

Why are you leaving in this time of need,
Why are you leaving me why indeed.
What have I done was it something that I said,
Or is it that you have found someone else instead.

What is the reason why you want to go,
Do I deserve to be treated like so.
All this time we shared our love and tears,
Now you want to leave me after all these years.

All the joy we had and all the fun to,
It seems like that does not matter to you.
You say that you must leave to go on your way,
I never saw it coming not on any single day.

I do not understand what have I done,
Why can we not live together as one.
I do not want you to go for us to be apart,
Now all I have left is my broken heart.

Copyright © Martyn 1999
All Rights Reserved