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I am Afraid

i am afraid

forty winters of loneliness

forty long, cold, empty years

one single unbroken night


forty years of the cold-shoulder

of mockery

of laughter

of despair


i love


no one loves me


i am afraid


i am a worthless piece of shit

a failure


everything i touch

i ruin


that which i have done

out of thoughtfulness

out of compassion

out of love

comes back to haunt me


eyes bore into me


how do you dare

to think you could be human

to have feelings of warmth and tenderness

or to be allowed to express them


i am afraid


i am afraid because

i am alone

and tired


tired of passing through this existence

as an unseen spirit


tired of being sick of heart

tired of my heart being a pain-filled void

tired of looking towards another forty years

alone and unloved


never worthy of being held

never worthy of being told, “I love you” or “I need you”

never mattering


i am afraid