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Lonely Heart and Lonely Nights

As darkness looms I gaze into the candle light ….

My heart feels the pains of wanting you with me each night


You came in to my life and brought a calm in my heart….

But now it just seems we are always so far apart


The brightness, love and happiness   you brought to my life….

Has been a source of releasing so much of my strife


I miss the times you reached for me then pulled me ever so near……

I miss the times you used to say “I love you “so softly in my ear


Thinking back on how long it has been….

I daily long for the time when you kiss me once again


My body aches to feel your arms holding me tight….

And just knowing you are there all through the night


Realizing we both have our own life struggles and pain…

Through these days we must not let our feelings wane


Even though we talk each night and each day….

My soul still aches with our being far away


I not only need you… but want you with all of my heart….

And pray to God for a day when we are no longer so far apart


I am here for the long haul to see this thing out ……….

And in hopes that you are having no doubt


Just know that I have grown to love you and always will….

For there is a place in my heart that only you can fill


By: Cheryl Stephens


Yet again abandoned by a Friend?
I loved you so…
Once, you loved me.
He said we were BEST FRIENDS
Then why is he gone?
Why so willing to let me go
SO Easy
None of them True
Are you ill, are you tired
where did they come from?
Always there for him
Who is there for me?
Our Friendship
Our Love
Forever I thought it would be
Where did Forever go?
Twas so easy for him
to let me go…
So hard for me-cant let go
I”m left with questions..
Where did his love go for me?
Mine is still here
but no one is there
to recieve.
Gone- Emptiness left
Hole in my heart
No one else can fill
Does he know
how much I loved him?
We said it enough
It was from my heart
Where is yours?
Oh, Where’d it all go,
Why am I alone?
I miss you so much
Love is here -ALONE
Tears Tears Tears
are my only Friend now
You will not be back.
How will I bear it?
~~ LilDragon~~
(was what you called me) sob…..