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by Marky Mark
Stuck here nowhere to go,

Stuck here nowhere to hide,

Stuck here felling so low,

Stuck here lost all my pride.


Stuck here Pretending to smile,

Stuck here forcing a grin,

Stuck here gonna be for a while,

Stuck here holding it in.


Stuck here they broke my spirit,

Stuck here they broke my heart,

Stuck here starting to fear it,

Stuck here falling apart.


Stuck here all on my own,

Stuck here no one to hold,

Stuck here feeling alone,

Stuck here ready to fold.


Stuck here trying so hard,

Stuck here just wanna fit,

stuck here permanently scarred,

Stuck here until i quit.



Her plump almond eyes,
in her own world..
multiple disguise.
in a world among the living.
Wandering, detached,
a shell of a human being.
Spoiled & neglected,
shy & introspective,
she analyzes the world,
as an outsider.




I’m taking a Sunday walk on an empty road

the celebrated sun pushes from behind

my shadow stretches a mile long before me

I am not lost in thought I just walk

carelessly kicking pebbles and stones along the way

As if they were the scattered letters of individual words

of broken sentences from the answers I

have not heeded and now in my greatest need

They are just so much dust and gravel to scuff my shoes

stones to skip across the lake and boulders to build a cairn

for some-one who may or may not one-day wonder

for at least a solitary moment

about the one who has taken the time and trouble

to use these wasted answers and all these

discarded dreams to build a monument of rubble

that has no meaning that doesn’t do anything.

But when my own shadow is as my betrothed

my shade likened to a lover, there it is

my reflection has become my sole companion

everywhere I go

I have grown to detest my own wearisome caress

How I despise what my flesh must accept as pleasure

For one alone who has fallen falls and falls so foul so low

with no others arms to reach out and catch them

so lost so craven where there is no care to soften

When the tongue has become torn in ragged bloody shreds

From pleading imploring beseaching using every possible word

Or combination therein in every language ever spoken by man

Asking whatever power there is that may govern

To bring whom I have proven so worthy of over and over

Yet alone here



There is not gold enough from ten thousand rainbows

Nor any answers from the mysterys of the secrets of the ages

that could possibly have any value


Nor could mean a god damned thing to me!


© m e m/ 2001/ QuickSand Ballet



I am lost again

drowned by the ever resonating sounds of silence

what have I but your lasting memories that have left me alone and lonely

A home that remains as an empty tomb of what I once was a shell

trying to fill up with an imagination of what life should’ve been

I cry for the girl I once admired to see her in a pit with the wound draining out life

from the body that was once alive. A cesspool of blood staining the stone cold floor.

Nerve wracking pain, so much hatred so much of nothing consuming me. As bitter as the night I wait for the time where non-existence would be a gift .. mercy is all i ask for as I lie here… dreaming of death and end to the emotions of loneliness…




I don’t understand

why is life so complicated.

they like you, they don’t

they appreciate you ,they don’t

they care about you they don’t

how am i supposed to know ?

sometimes i realize that i am special and loved and sometimes i am lost.

Because i am too shy to understand this.

the pain of the past is still in my head.

what should i do?

Gloria Tamaniya