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Though many people surrounding me,
Nobody really understood inside of me.
I hear many people talking,
but I’m waiting for one voice that is still.
I put on a smiling and joyful face,
nobody could see the uncovered me.
I do not want sympathy,
I want understanding.
Who could really understand what is inside of me?
My soul is so broken,
Who can see it?
It is tearing me apart,
as though I am walking in a torn forest..
All I need is just one FRIEND
to understand me, inside.
I don’t want to be alone anymore, it’s killing me inside out.

Suicide Note

Sorry! For all I’ve done
I won’t get in your way
And by the time you read this
On my death bed I’ll lay

I’m worthless and lonely
So I think this is for the best
I needed to kill myself
And put myself to rest

Not like anyone will care
Or anyone will bother
I was just a silly kid
Who was hated by his mother

I do not want a funeral
Don’t go to the expense
Just chuck me away in the garbage
You know that it makes sense

Give all my stuff to the poor
And burn all the pictures of me
I don’t want anyone to know
That I’ve been so cowardly

this is one i wrote two years ago when i ran away because of my mom sayin that she never wants to see me again. I was found on the highway by the police because of my dad. so I guess that I owe him a BIG one. Thanks pops, for everythin.

Loneliness, A Sickness

by Midnight Starr

The worst disease,
In the universe,
Greater than AIDS,
Or the Bird Flu.

The cause of this illness,
Being different,
And heart-broken,
Does kill anyone,
Millions of people,
Die from this,
Each year.

Babies die from it,
Due to apathetic parents,
Who cannot afford,
Food on the plate.

The elderly die,
from this atrocity,
Ignored and abused,
With no one to turn to.

Kids and teenagers,
Get infected too.
Peer Pressure.
They feel distant,
From the clique.

People who are sick,
With this disease,
Are suicidal,
Wondering how,
To get the fuck out,
Of this harsh world?

Loneliness affects nature too,
An animal is ostracized,
From their tribe,
Forced to fend for themselves,
Then die.

This is a horrible sickness,
There is no cure,
Nor government funding.
There are millions of symptoms.
We dilute ourselves,
To avoid.
But the disease keeps,
Coming back,
Like a cancer.


I live in chaos
where love is hate
where care is anger
where peace is war
and no one can escape

I am a prisoner in a dungeon
where i live with agony
where no one can save me
where you are the mighty guard
that kills me

but the time will come
your soul will be mine
your flesh will be eaten by them
where i will be no longer a prisoner
but the saviour of all….