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Never Knowing

U will never know,

How ugly I feel inside.

To just sit here one day,

And lay down and cry.

When some people call me mean names,

It seems like I don’t care.

But really,

The feelings of hurt are always there.

People say that I am not ugly,

And that I am wrong.

But it’s hard to agree,

After so long.

U will never know the feelings,

That have been here for years.

These feelings,

That have caused most of my tears.

U will never know the feeling,

Of not being loved.

To sit there and cry,

To be yelled at and shoved.

I want you,

To just be there for me.

Because this will take a while,

For me to be free.

To be free from the feeling inside of me,

The feeling of being ugly.

Please, I know u will never know,

But understand I won’t let it show.

Beneath my smiles, laughter and cheers,

There is a person inside that fears.

Of being lonely and not having anybody.

Vicky S. 2001


My Heart Will Always Be Yours

I feel like I’m getting sucked into a black hole

The life I live is no longer my own

I see strangers wandering along my path of misery

I used to have a reason, a reason to stay

In this rat infested place we call earth

But when you said goodbye

All my hope and desires just went away

I can’t sleep, I try to close my weary eyes

But all I can think about is you

I can’t help wondering how things would’ve been

If I only just said what I felt, deep inside…

But I tell you now; even I know it’s too late

My love for you is the only thing that kept me standing

Now I’m tired, still standing in line

Waiting till my time has come

The day you said goodbye, my heart was ripped apart

There were times I thought things were getting better

Times I thought I could love another

But they all turned out the same

The girl got hurt and I stood alone, once again

If I would only get one more chance

If you’d only know what I felt for you

Things might be turned out differently

But I feel my end is getting near

So I can only hope we meet again

Not in this life but in the next

Where we can begin a fresh start

My love for you is eternal and shall forever last

Now I say goodbye and wait for you

On the other side

Lonely Poem

That girl walk alone,
She walks with no one beside her,
People point and ask questions,
She looks down in shame,
She’s alone,
She looks around and sees couples,
She wanders around by herself,
What’s wrong with me?,
She’s always asking,
All of her feelings are bottled inside,
No one must know that it hurts her,
She smiles like life is perfect,
When she gets sad,
No one is there to make her feel better and hug her,
No one is there to tell her “babe it will all be good”,
NO ONE is there,
All these thoughts linger in her head,
As a teardrop slowly falls down her cheek,
That girl,
That girl is ME. mZ.l0n3Ly


Sitting here alone, I feel empty.
Empty inside, without the ability to touch or be touched.
Thinking too much.

I keep catching myself thinking about them.
How long will this carry on
The deep solace that pulls you down deeper.
Mud, sinking fast, it’s so hard to get out of
Unless you have help.
Someone to save you before you get too deep.

But no-ones there, no-one to drag you out
Like a helpless soul, lost where your
Not supposed to be.
It can’t be like this forever?

I always thought they’d be there
No matter what.
It’s an unwritten rule

So where are they?

I have written this poem after I’ve found out a lot of things about my
boyfriend and another girl and don’t know if they are true because a lot of
people have got involved. I fee my friends don’t understand how I’m feeling
and just don’t seem to be on my side, making me feel like I’m in the wrong.
It is mainly about my friends and not my boyfriend as this is what has hurt
me the most. It also mentions the girl involved as “her”. It shows how
lonely I feel at such a time of need.



Hurting inside, no one to talk to
to talk this mood through with,
I am used to this solitary introspection
but it still hurts.
After all this time of being alone-
all the months, seasons, people behind me
I still don’t get used to the loneliness.

Shouldn’t it be enough that I was loved
for a brief moment in time, wasn’t I held
close in someone’s heart, didn’t I
feel the joy that only love can inspire, weren’t
we one, if only for one long afternoon,
weren’t we?

The familiar torrent of distant memories only brings me home
where my dreams unravel and my sleep is fitful
to this empty place where only I live.
no friend’s laughter to cheer me up
nor sparkle in the mirror when I look at me
no love crackling in my veins
or passion kindling my heart.

I am alone
comfortless and cold

by Abby D.