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Expendable One

I’m the expendable one, the one who deserves help
Until someone with more importance comes along
I’m the expendable one, with little hope for a future
To be left in the past, the one without a dependable one
For I’m the expendable one, the one without a loving family
Without a truly close friend, the one more alone then anyone
Yes, I’m the expendable one, the one for others to practice on
The one for people to learn from, the one hardly anyone would miss
I’m the expendable one, the one to be put on hold
The one who’s never number one, always fighting alone
For I’m the expendable one, the one who has the least
For the ones who have the most to leave behind.



Chronic Loneliness

It has no compassion…
It gives no mercy…
It has settled in…
Consumed by it…
There’s no way to escape it…
It shares emptiness…
Its like cancer…
Beginning at one point…
Spreading throughout….
Finally finished…
When there’s nothing left…
A throbbing pain, that doesn’t leave…
Seems to grow… day by day…
In my mind…
I hope…
My willingness to accept it…
Will ease the pain…
Only to be swallowed by it….

~Kitty D~


A day and a night to talk me out of my reverie
Some simple lies that help me breathe
A clearer path to make me see
A look at the madness living within me

Happiness is all I want
Care is all I need
I just meant to vent some frustration
Getting a few to bend knee

I might have gone too far
I can’t say I miss her
She just wasn’t me

As I slip into this dark abyss
Fear me now, this is not who I’m meant to be
Care you not of my condition?
I would not heed thee

Haven’t you ever felt this way?
So used and torn
All you can do to stay one way

I don’t want to do it
I’m ready to change

So take me out of this torture
Relieve me of this pain
All I need is a little hope now
A light to guide my way

by Prozac