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With a Mask in Place

I was alive
I had a soul
I walked the halls
It was so

But i was killed
Date unknown
I have no tombstone
And mourners none

But my body remains
An empty shell
That walks along
This is hell

A broken smile
And a mask in place
No one noticed
A death took place

the title of this is “With a Mask in Place” u want an interpretation. im stating my loneliness n it symbolizes such. the end with my ‘death’ meaning i am lonely and my friends do not notice, n if they do they do not seem to care, n whether or not they r my friends. yadda yadda yadda. all it is, is me showing my loneliness by saying that i ‘died’ (a metaphor for how lonely i am, how i feel unwanted, and my accepting these feelings as normal occurrences) and my friends not noticing. and the mask is how they don’t notice n e thing is wrong, they can’t see my loneliness n all as if i am wearing a mask over my face. and i use the word hell, but i mean it as the place n saying that loneliness is torture as if i was (guess where) in hell


What’s Wrong?

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I completely lost my mind?
How can it be possible, there was no warning sign.
As I sit in my room and try to keep you out of my head, Everything I think of, still points to you instead.

What the hell is wrong with me? Can this really be true?
All I ever think about is spending time with you.
I told myself I’d never fall for another one.
Because of you in my life that curse has been undone.

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I thought it through?
Every waking hour I want to be with you.
My morals keep asking if what I’m doing is right?
There’s something that comes over me when I hold you tight.

What the hell is wrong with me? Is all of this for real?
Your already taken, that’s a fact and it all becomes surreal.
Should I just let it go and move on with my life?
Why have I fallen for someone else’s wife?

What the hell is wrong with me? I should wake up and see the light.
I just can’t understand how something so wrong, makes me feel so right.
My mind is spinning round and round a hundred miles an hour.
I guess I should accept the fact, that it’s not within my power.

What the hell is wrong with me? Even writing this little poem.
Maybe I should back way way off, and leave it all alone.
I know it sounds real easy, I should just make the call.
It’s really quite the opposite when your heart has taken that fall.



Would Someone Please?

Pain has become a friend of mine

for she visits all the time.

By my side she does stay

though I wish she’d go away.

She does not know her welcomes gone

that I never liked her all along.

And her foolish pride won’t let her go

Would someone tell her? She needs to know.


Yes, pain stays with me everyday

while I let her guide the way.

Leading deeper into hell

for I am weakened by her spell.

She clings to me with all her might

holding on forever tight.

She is no longer welcome here

she needs to leave with her friend, fear.

I think it’s time for her to go

would someone please let her know?


My House

Lies, screams, cries, laughter
All pointed at me, yea it’s a disaster
But this is the place that I call home
I thought it was a place for a family
But then why am I all alone
All the fake smiles and lies to my face
You see it as my family
I see it as a hell place
Mourning to go home after school and friends
Longing to go to school, starting the shit all over again
I sit in my room and cry myself to sleep
I tried getting help, but my pain is just too deep
There is nothing left for me now except a permanent sleep


The Flames of Loneliness

By: D.J.S.


My loneliness is sometimes so arresting.

At times my solitude becomes detesting.

I have felt a love burn so that I must tell.

A testimony of love’s fiery flames burning,


My very soul to the lower depths of hell,


But that love is yet fading,


For years I’ve remained down here brooding.

Just looming.

Dwelling in this fiery grave.

Prepared for me by the love of my affections.

Yes the woman I love has sought to extinguish.

A love I’ve held so dear.

As such that I had feared, I never could relinquish.

Alas that love is yet fading,


Into the oblivion the penitentiary of my mind’s eye.

Still her memory yet invades.

The very core of my fired soul.