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The Forgotten Dragon

Once there was a Dragon
He was forgotten
No one think of him
No one dreamed of him
No one thought of him
No one knew if he existed
No one cared for him
No one loved him
Hes always alone in the woods
Living in a small cold cave
Always staying in the dark
Filled with sorrow and pain
Filled with hate
Empty with love
Wanting to be loved
Wanting not to be hated anymore
Wanting to be happy
Wanting to be remembered
Wanting to be thought of
Wanting to be dreamed about
Wanting to be thought of
But hated by every heart
Making it hard to sleep
Looking at the moon makes him cry
The moon light only lights up a little
Wishing he would be layed to peace
Wishing to be freed
Wishing the pain to end
Hoping for someone might care
Hoping to find some love
Hoping to be remembered
Hoping for a miricle someday
It never came.

Written by the Forgotten Fox on 14th January 2006

Heaven Sent Gift

Have you ever wondered

About how your life would be

If just for a moment

You weren’t yourself, you were me


Have you ever wished for something

That you know can’t come true

Because being who you are today

Was meant for no one else but you


Have you ever wanted

To be someone else for a day

Because you hate everything about yourself

In each and every way


Have you ever changed yourself

To blend in with the crowd

Then you realise what you have become

And it doesn’t make you proud


Then one day it dawns on you

Being your true self is best

Because God has given you a gift….


That’s being different from the rest.


Both By Artemis Mann



Depression fades
Loneliness stays
Urge to Destroy whats mine
Having thoughts that don’t seem fine
Destruction of an innocent soul
I will never fill whole

Sitting home
All alone
I can’t outrun
These thought, I’m done
Take my life
I’ll be gone tonight

No one cares about me
Maybe they will if i bleed
With impure thought in my head
I wish i was you instead
I don’t want to do this
But I am no one you’ll miss

Hate feeling this way
Yet I want to stay
Please let me regress
and indulge my results of loneliness



So, here we are alone again
But we’ve always been alone on memory send
The last time was so bad
I thought it was you I had
But i didn’t have anything, what everyone else has

I don’t have anything

So i cried blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart. just an empty space

The streets filled with souls
And I’ll walk alone
No destination in mind, no goals
Avoid walking near your workplace
In case I see your face
I swear if i did i’d cry
These tears of blood of mine

So i’ll cry blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart, just an empty space

So i’ll cry tears for you
Warm, burning on my skin
Overspill this hate too
Don’t need a heart where i’m in

Don’t want to fall in love
Don’t want to fall in love again


Life evades us,
Our secret sorrow.
No one knows us,
Except to borrow.
Love beyond our grasp,
Ire a hated friend.
Never will we gasp,
Enraptured love’s end.
Soon our end is known,
Silently alone.