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                           “When I enter your sights
You see a man with his Mother’s height
And his Father’s might
Therefore, I’m the strong silent type
The pen expresses my heart’s joy & fright
Life is what I write
Letting my dreams take flight
In the dark of the night
Only to return in the day when its bright
There is a lot of gray area, no black & white
I used to believe in honesty
Now I see modesty is the best policy
Time will tell who truly respects & honors me
I just have to love myself solidly
                        No room for possibly
Although, I can make space for probably
Emotions can’t be reasoned with logically
Balancing admiration from the public
Along with rejection is a little hard to stomach
The question that I find to be the toughest…
Do I really know what love is?
Sometimes I feel like my answer is rubbish
Only I should master my puppet
Every morning I try to awake to trumpets
Allowing hope to flare, but then I blunder it
Seeking refuge until the lightning & thunder quits
However, the rain persists
A necessity in order to wash away the pain that exists.” 
by E. Bassey


You see grey eyes
I see grey skies
You said steel blue
I believed in you

I lay wounded in the brush
Not making a sound
You might come back
I might believe again
No, I won’t

So we decided to try again
I watch you, waiting…
For you to fall down again
Pick up the pieces
But, I won’t do it again


Reaching Out

When I reach out
please reach back.

May I hold your hand for a while?
Would you like to share my smile?
Would you help me paint the day with it?

Is it just me
or does the day
seem grey?