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Alone: apart, you are with no one; full of only yourself and your own thoughts.

Alone: forgetting god is always here. God is always here, we are never really alone but…


Lonely: Reaching for anything, making things up,talking to the kitty cat, I am having nightmares, and forgetting:

Forgetting all the people that love me.


Lost: someone refers to me as  lonely and for the first time I realize, “I guess I

Am lonely…I didn’t feel lonely, I guess I am.”


Talking to strangers at the grocery store, at the doctors office.

Grasping for hugs, but always wanting another hug, I want another one, and another…

Remembering, yes remembering, god is always here.

I will not be alone forever!


Being strong!

Knowing that I am alone by choice, that I left “him” because he was not “the one”, better to be Lonely and doing the right thing than with someone for the wrong reasons.


I will not be alone forever…There will be time for love again…


God enters the darkest rooms.


Night falls…doubts rise

…and the fear of knowing nothing creeps in.

Loneliness becomes your companion

…depression becomes your friend

…the world changes shape, everything becomes alien.

Sorrow emanates from you, in your soul a bleeding heart

Pain is all you know

…suffering is all you practice.

The demons dance insanely

…The eagles’ wings are clipped

…the hungry dog is left to die.

Pain is only eased by greater pain.

A vacuum inside sucks away everything leaving you with

……nothing, emptiness.

All attempts have failed, all avenues now blocked.

You are behind God’s back and persecution becomes your punishment.

The leaves turn brown and die

……a cold wind caresses your body.

Lost in a maze, searching for a way out

Check…………and mate

……the game is over, the battle is lost.

Welcome home my friend.

Feel free to dance among the dead.