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I Fell and Shadows Appeared

I fell and shadows appeared.

Ghosts that no longer talk to me.

Tried to love, tried to connect,

But the cut is cruel,

And unexpected.

When you lose what’s in your soul you question everything.

Lost my joy but not the memories, which now haunt my dreams.

Lost what I was most sure of.

Lost what I loved.

Now in prison, love only a memory.

On the other side of love I found despair.

Nothing good now, no pleasure other than fleeting.

Feelings always fall back low and heavy.

Will I rise, will I escape?

Want to escape, want to fly, but the shadows are always there,

recalling the sweet innocence of love, wreaking havoc where I stand.

Don’t want to be seen, stay in the dark

Can’t separate from the past, don’t know how to recover.

Nowhere to hide and exposed to shame

Face it head on, soak it up.

Divorced and divorced from emotion.

No more sharing now.

Don’t know the final lines, don’t have the answers.



With our hearts wrapped in Saran-
Are we here to hear hollow words
or sincere verbs taking flight to fan the silence?
damn the silence!
as it smothers the violence of a ghost locked and chained
in solitude engaged in caged enraged soliloquy
the words reaching out like desperate hands
gnarled and grasping for even the lightest featherlike touch
well deep within digital prisons
snarling and gasping across chasms from our telephones
too afraid of voices making us three dimensional
intentional connection scares us crawling back into the void
avoidance fits us so well
well worn torn and wholly alone
©M E M/ 2001/ Space Faktory Musick/
 Random Axe of Blindness/QueerNotions/
 Reproduction is prohibited without express permission of the author


I lie alone,
This frightful night,
No friends,
No family,
No person in sight.

Darkness surrounding me again tonight,
I cannot see my most frightful fright.

The roar of rain,
The crack of thunder,
The sudden flash of light,
Bring relief, that I still live tonight.

My mask is off,
My fears are out,
The darkness is here,
There is no doubt.

I cannot calm what I fear the most,
I cannot stop this unholy ghost,
The darkness holds my fears so close,
I fear what we all fear the very most.

I scream, I yell,
So very loud.
Yet no one hears my pleas aloud,
I am hurt within, my heart is smashed.
I am alone, just me and my empty house.