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Alone: apart, you are with no one; full of only yourself and your own thoughts.

Alone: forgetting god is always here. God is always here, we are never really alone but…


Lonely: Reaching for anything, making things up,talking to the kitty cat, I am having nightmares, and forgetting:

Forgetting all the people that love me.


Lost: someone refers to me as  lonely and for the first time I realize, “I guess I

Am lonely…I didn’t feel lonely, I guess I am.”


Talking to strangers at the grocery store, at the doctors office.

Grasping for hugs, but always wanting another hug, I want another one, and another…

Remembering, yes remembering, god is always here.

I will not be alone forever!


Being strong!

Knowing that I am alone by choice, that I left “him” because he was not “the one”, better to be Lonely and doing the right thing than with someone for the wrong reasons.


I will not be alone forever…There will be time for love again…


God enters the darkest rooms.


Sleep, come soothe my broken world

But I know, you won’t visit me when you’re told

Come sleep of my childhood

When hours on end

Up on trees, on mountains, in fileds

With friends I spent.

Even then, they were the birds,

they were books, beloved

flowers, and vampires from old folk tales

and countless dreams

of how my world could be.

Now time, continuous, lingers by

Dripping its course with venom

Numbing the soul and desire.

I fall in the vastness of the universe

Not shining as a star

But sinking in a black hole

Of forgetfullness,

Remembering all.

Tortured by night and by day

Wondering who am I.

A collection of talents and university degrees and post degrees?

A mirror shows me

a picture of someone familiar.

who is it?

Still a child, singing itself to the sleep that won’ t come.

Is it exile from my land?

no, an exile from the living.

A connection broken

Long before I was born.

An exile in time, a desert of mind.

So much to know, so much to do

Yet I fret, give up.

In the wee hours

everything i let unravel,

all becomes loose ends

Going nowhere.

It begins to dawn

Morning light of no hope

that the new day could bring.

only the infinity of this void that so terribly stings.

the night that joins the day,

and another night and day.

Endless cycle of desolation

and despair.

Come sleep.



They say it is beautiful

this country, the people,

why don’t I have eyes to see?

yet sometimes i glimpse it,

a rare comet burning

so quick to disappear.

Feelings of yearning

Pain left behind

the sparks of this

astral trail.


Adriana (Romania-Australia)