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Walking down empty streets with an empty heart,
searching, seeking ,with an almost animal lust and desperation
some form of human contact,
a friendly smile,
a helping hand,
a sign of caring,
a sign that I even exist in this cold, harsh land,
walking, walking, no destination,
walking, walking, empty heart,
deep sorrow,
angry, hurtful tears flow freely from a well of emptiness,
deep within a ravaged soul,
crying out loudly, silently,
for love, for comfort,
but no one comes, ever,
I am so, so



Deafening Silence

Wide open space. The emptiness of my heart.

So much love, yet so far away. I’m alone.

Were it not for God’s unchanging love, I would have no reason to stay.

Who remembers me? Who is thinking of me at this very moment?

My tears come quietly…fall silently. They are my companions.

The ache in my chest. Memories of feeling love.

My friends don’t want me.

My love can’t be with me.

My family is a world away. No one needs me.

A husband and kids: a distant fantasy.

The sound of laughter in my home: a far away wish.

Who would come? Who wants my presence?

Am I lovable? Am I too weird?

I feel at home among the lonely;

Strangers who need me like I need them.

No one to talk to. God thank You for listening.

I walk alone.

The ones I love forget about me.

I don’t want to burden…or bother…

I only want interaction…true love.

I’ve been left and forgotten.

I want to go home. I miss my mom & dad & god-brother.

They love me. I need them NOW.



Chronic Loneliness

It has no compassion…
It gives no mercy…
It has settled in…
Consumed by it…
There’s no way to escape it…
It shares emptiness…
Its like cancer…
Beginning at one point…
Spreading throughout….
Finally finished…
When there’s nothing left…
A throbbing pain, that doesn’t leave…
Seems to grow… day by day…
In my mind…
I hope…
My willingness to accept it…
Will ease the pain…
Only to be swallowed by it….

~Kitty D~


Yet again abandoned by a Friend?
I loved you so…
Once, you loved me.
He said we were BEST FRIENDS
Then why is he gone?
Why so willing to let me go
SO Easy
None of them True
Are you ill, are you tired
where did they come from?
Always there for him
Who is there for me?
Our Friendship
Our Love
Forever I thought it would be
Where did Forever go?
Twas so easy for him
to let me go…
So hard for me-cant let go
I”m left with questions..
Where did his love go for me?
Mine is still here
but no one is there
to recieve.
Gone- Emptiness left
Hole in my heart
No one else can fill
Does he know
how much I loved him?
We said it enough
It was from my heart
Where is yours?
Oh, Where’d it all go,
Why am I alone?
I miss you so much
Love is here -ALONE
Tears Tears Tears
are my only Friend now
You will not be back.
How will I bear it?
~~ LilDragon~~
(was what you called me) sob…..