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A Bit of Imagination

I can’t push the knife in
I can’t make the cut
I can’t turn the wheel
I can’t step off the kerb
I can’t take the pills
All I can do is imagine
I picture the knife going in
I imagine the lorry hitting
I see the wall racing towards me
I dream of drifting away
Escaping the  empty days
Not enduring the lonely nights
Not having to deal with this
Or cope with them
Or struggle with that
No more thinking
No more worry
No more envy
No more hating myself
No more anger
But there’s no coming back
By Sudhakar Patel

Lonely Leaf

I am but a lonely leaf,

As it falls to the ground,

Floating aimlessly downward,

With no other leaves around.

I am but a lonely leaf,

Drifting with a mind of its own,

Never knowing where it may land,

Or which direction it will be blown.

I am but a lonely leaf,

Yet sometimes I am as green as can be,

Flying through the air happy,

Like I was set free.

I am but a lonely leaf,

And most of the time I am brown,

For even if there are other leaves,

I feel like I’m the only one around.