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The Flames of Loneliness

By: D.J.S.


My loneliness is sometimes so arresting.

At times my solitude becomes detesting.

I have felt a love burn so that I must tell.

A testimony of love’s fiery flames burning,


My very soul to the lower depths of hell,


But that love is yet fading,


For years I’ve remained down here brooding.

Just looming.

Dwelling in this fiery grave.

Prepared for me by the love of my affections.

Yes the woman I love has sought to extinguish.

A love I’ve held so dear.

As such that I had feared, I never could relinquish.

Alas that love is yet fading,


Into the oblivion the penitentiary of my mind’s eye.

Still her memory yet invades.

The very core of my fired soul.