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pale and unfamiliar

the sun slants

at odd angles

reaching through

the window

as streaks of light

and dust motes

twist and turn



threatening to choke

my very essence

until I am tangled

in a web

of empty despair

my fetal state

frozen in fear

as the scent

that oh so familiar scent

of death

washes over me




through my veins






By Dawn

Although I have experienced several types of loneliness listed on this website, this particular  poem is about the “alone” feeling that often comes as a precursor to an anxiety or panic attack.

With Two Dogs In The Yard

a House shelters from the rains, the winds, the outside elements,

a Home shelters from human fears, loneliness and despair.


a House keeps out intruders, people who would take from within,

a Home invites strangers, people who will become friends and givers.


a House stores things…pictures, books, computer stuff and possessions,

a Home holds memories… stories, shared moments of learning, joys and sorrows.


a House warms the body, provides comfort to the flesh,

a Home warms the soul, provides comfort to the spirit.


a House is a place where golden and black have a back yard to play,

a Home is where Mart and Thor are loved in every room.


a House has a street address and can be burned to the ground with fire,

a Home has an essence which can be torn apart by mistrust.


Our Home is now my house…


Loneliness is a Sly Poison

Loneliness is a sly poison.

It creeps over your body like an oil slick on the ocean,

Slowly engulfing every pore, quietly penetrating your heart,

Permeating your inner core, your very being.

It leaves you feeling cold and empty inside,

Isolated, out of touch with others,

Passionately wanting to reach out to someone,

But you are choked out, unable to do so.

ur heart cries out with pain, and no one listens.

Loneliness is paralyzing.

As the busy world goes rushing by

You continue to go through the motions,

But you are disconnected, unable to relate.

Your sorrow is impenetrable.

Your spiral of despair begins to gain speed,

Life looks dismal and bleak.

I want this insidious poison to leave me

But it hangs on, a dull deep ache,

That screams in my head.

I Dream

I dream, I dream of my misery gone. For I have a loved one who is suddenly gone Believe in fate for it has lots to take Believe in despair for life is not fair For I have a loved one who is suddenly gone I dream, I dream of my misery gone

CJ Meyer 11-26-1993


Hoping, but Always Denied

Too often so isolated

Abandoned in a void of pain and despair

Without a sense of being wanted

By anyone at all out there


A desire for companionship so strong

Striving to embrace some future shining sun

Yet no one lovely did ever come along

That would want and provide one


No one to call upon in times of great need

Like a single bent tree in strong winds having grown

A rose bed of love now just full of weeds

Never really having been properly sown


No one special with which to share wealth obtained

An absence of kind words and a warm embrace

A shirt dark, wet and stained

By trails of tears falling from one’s face


A dark figure of dread casting their shadow,

Over one’s existence and place

Marching with time’s relentless flow,

Withering away one’s will at pace


All from a sad and lonely heart


–          WW, 2010