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A Closed Heart

I thought my heart was dead,
But yet she stands out to it.
I thought the last wound finished the deal,
But yet she seems to be a revival.
The ache from the last is still there, a crushing blow,
But she is the painkiller.
I convinced myself i was finished, never to love again,
But shes still there.
People told me to go for it,
I won’t believe them.
People say I can still be happy,
I can’t believe them…
I tell myself that my heart is still closed,
And I believe it.



Bleeding Skies


Shattered stars across the sky
like the pieces of a broken soul
remind me of days when I could fly
before I fell into the bottomless hole
I look up and cry tears of sorrow
my heart slowly freezing to ice
I wonder if I’ll wake up tomorrow
to a warmth that will feel oh so nice
Reality hits harder than ever before
God has forsaken me
I’m not to feel happy anymore
but my mind will not let it be
A dark time has set in
and i sit upon my throne
time to let the pain begin
no love to call my own
Lonely heart ever needing
I start to lower my head
the skies are bleeding
and I am dead.”




Blank Expressions

Jennifer Boyman

A pointless quarrel, myself only in mind
my future sorrow, how could I be so blind?
until tomorrow, kindness you still don’t find
Blank expressions
A stab wound, there’s no blood,
mind is untuned, clouded love,
convulsing, I start to scream,
I can’t believe it’s not a dream
Blank expressions
Blank expressions are all I see
frozen eyes that stare at me
your skin now cold and firm
time is up now its your turn
I stare now into your eyes,
frozen, staring up at the skies
my life now I dread,
it is my fault, now you’re dead
Blank expressions



Night falls…doubts rise

…and the fear of knowing nothing creeps in.

Loneliness becomes your companion

…depression becomes your friend

…the world changes shape, everything becomes alien.

Sorrow emanates from you, in your soul a bleeding heart

Pain is all you know

…suffering is all you practice.

The demons dance insanely

…The eagles’ wings are clipped

…the hungry dog is left to die.

Pain is only eased by greater pain.

A vacuum inside sucks away everything leaving you with

……nothing, emptiness.

All attempts have failed, all avenues now blocked.

You are behind God’s back and persecution becomes your punishment.

The leaves turn brown and die

……a cold wind caresses your body.

Lost in a maze, searching for a way out

Check…………and mate

……the game is over, the battle is lost.

Welcome home my friend.

Feel free to dance among the dead.