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Entangled in Emotion

I am half drowned in shadows

Brought forth to the light

The empty wisp of warmth pulled out of my sight

And I am choking of loneliness

The key is yet unfound

That would stop my wandering brain from becoming unbound

And yet here I remain

In my own garden of misery, where the earth bleeds forth tulips and poppies and twain.

So walk away from the girl who is too entangled

The thoughts at her feet are broken and mangled

Her hair is so messed

Her sky isn’t blue.

And the thing she keeps telling her self isn’t true.

Darkness creeps around her

Its hands on her ankles

Pulling her down, seducing and secure.

But I keep on standing, for time is a blur.


You take a deep breath,
And wait slowly for your death.
The roads that you have taken,
A choice mistaken
And you have reached the end,
You can no longer make amends.
The loneliness creeps up on you,
Sucking the life out of you slowly.
But what do you do?
Who do you turn to?
There is no one, the effect of your mistakes.

Basically when I wrote this everything in my life was upside down and I had no one to turn to, so I was about to kill myself. Luckily I didn’t. A friend came along in time. But that’s another poem for another email.