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I Fell and Shadows Appeared

I fell and shadows appeared.

Ghosts that no longer talk to me.

Tried to love, tried to connect,

But the cut is cruel,

And unexpected.

When you lose what’s in your soul you question everything.

Lost my joy but not the memories, which now haunt my dreams.

Lost what I was most sure of.

Lost what I loved.

Now in prison, love only a memory.

On the other side of love I found despair.

Nothing good now, no pleasure other than fleeting.

Feelings always fall back low and heavy.

Will I rise, will I escape?

Want to escape, want to fly, but the shadows are always there,

recalling the sweet innocence of love, wreaking havoc where I stand.

Don’t want to be seen, stay in the dark

Can’t separate from the past, don’t know how to recover.

Nowhere to hide and exposed to shame

Face it head on, soak it up.

Divorced and divorced from emotion.

No more sharing now.

Don’t know the final lines, don’t have the answers.



I sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but can’t connect to.

Lonely is what I know,

Lonely is who I am,

Lonely is what I have always been

I look at others who seem so happy,

laughing, joking, sharing, caring.

It is a strange world they live in,

It looks warm and full of colour,

unlike mine which is cold and black

How I long to travel there

And sit with them for a while.

But it is a world that I don’t know

It seems strange, foreign.

So I think I’ll stay here for now,

and sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but is not for me

Gareth S Brown