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Castles in the Snow

We’re walking out into the snow
not knowing our way back
Burning with the endless cold

faces cast down
tears flow in frozen rivers
waters have no bridges
and the plain goes on forever
and the snow goes on forever
and the pain goes on forever

they told me I could find you here
and so I came
but if you were here once
that time is memory

ah! I am lost
I cannot see my way
out of these dreams
this castle made of ice
reflects me off of every surface

sometimes I think that,
looking into its transparent walls
I can see what was
what would have been
if this cruel weather had never come
spilling from my heart

But there are worms within us all
eating our hearts

ah well
I’ll rest within the palace
one night longer

dance with my dream prince
while in the world I’m dying

by Shallinda

In this poem the “we” refers to me, but I have been fractured into two people. I went to the far north to find an old friend, who I had been told resided in the beautiful capital city of that country. Eventually I reached the city, but the stories I had heard about it did not hold true; instead of reuniting with my ancestors/people from my past, I found no one there. During the journey I became ill but I would not stop seeking the city, despite the complete lack of encouraging signs along the way. The sickness did not cause my split, but it made it worse, my dreams and hopes coalescing into one person while the real me weakened in silence. The prince of my dreams kept promising to show me to my friend, but days passed and he did not do so, providing me with luxury and entertainment and leading me to believe that he was in love with me. As I neared physical death, the prince’s face became a death mask and I knew the truth. That was when I finally got up the resolve to go home, my dream self fleeing the prince in terror while my real self turned her feet homeward with only the faintest strength. That was when my friend started appearing in my dreams, and though he did not speak, he put his arm around me and made me feel protected.