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Hard Pressed to Find a Smile

eating a pizza and ice cream again
trying to watch Hogan’s Heroes at ten
getting more and more blue
with every romantic scene
when you’re hard pressed to find a smile
once he was young, nothing stood in his way
with a smile on his face, till the day trouble came
and never did know that this was the day that his life would be radically changed
with thirty years gone, you long for the past
the feelings gone that only God knows
tranquility that knows, no words can describe
when the next meeting comes they all laugh at his jokes
and the doctor he says I think you’re doing just fine
but he knows what he needs that he’s not going to get
cause the doctor does not have the time
his cell phone goes off, he shuts off the alarm
it’s a reminder to take some more pills, will it help
to forget that the phone is not ringing for days at a time,
but to remind him again that it’s time to remind me again
but you know the Word can change all that
the memory of life that the Word gave you
and every day you try to recapture
recapture the life that’s still hoped for
and now your life really gets in the way
life out there, and life in here, it gets in the way
still hoping for a life with no more tax
cause you’re still smoking, you’re the smoking flax
and there are times when you’re a lone warrior
screaming siliently, I’m so tired
who’s out there? is anyone there?
continued in chapter 7!
some plateau is too big, too long
how long have I longed for the edge

by chuck L


What do you do when your feelings are mixed up inside you
You try to be happy but inside your always blue
At times you’d like to cry but there’s people all about
So you hold it back and try not to pout
You try not to think of the bad times you had
And try to be happy but inside your always sad
You know exactly what you really want to say
But you can never get it out to this very day
It runs about in your head both day and night
And it doesn’t go away no matter how hard you fight
People ask “How are you” you say “good” what a lie
If they only knew you would really rather cry
No matter what you do it is always on your mind
And all the people around you are so happy and kind
You try everything but nothing seems to work
All that pain because of one little hurt
No one understands what you’re going thru now
You want to live a happy life but you don’t know how.