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I am lost again

drowned by the ever resonating sounds of silence

what have I but your lasting memories that have left me alone and lonely

A home that remains as an empty tomb of what I once was a shell

trying to fill up with an imagination of what life should’ve been

I cry for the girl I once admired to see her in a pit with the wound draining out life

from the body that was once alive. A cesspool of blood staining the stone cold floor.

Nerve wracking pain, so much hatred so much of nothing consuming me. As bitter as the night I wait for the time where non-existence would be a gift .. mercy is all i ask for as I lie here… dreaming of death and end to the emotions of loneliness…




So, here we are alone again
But we’ve always been alone on memory send
The last time was so bad
I thought it was you I had
But i didn’t have anything, what everyone else has

I don’t have anything

So i cried blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart. just an empty space

The streets filled with souls
And I’ll walk alone
No destination in mind, no goals
Avoid walking near your workplace
In case I see your face
I swear if i did i’d cry
These tears of blood of mine

So i’ll cry blood for you
Warm, running down my face
Overspill the pain too
There’s no heart, just an empty space

So i’ll cry tears for you
Warm, burning on my skin
Overspill this hate too
Don’t need a heart where i’m in

Don’t want to fall in love
Don’t want to fall in love again

My Fall

I walked alone

with my head tilted


I felt




by grimy faces



ravenous eyes

going to crush me with their glares




by their vile tongues


deafening sounds


from deep under

with screams

of dim agony

Unsatisfied with these sores

in my body

already decimated and gone

My soul

veiled with darkness


by the vilest demons

Someone’s watching

deep under


macabre and demonic


Bizarre and indescribable faces

like crushed undifferentiated flesh

of putrefying, dead animals

and slaughtered beggars

Continuously chased

with my feet

covered with

pus and mud

The ground is cold

with blood

Chased forever

Tormented forever

Forever gone

My Fall

Blank Expressions

Jennifer Boyman

A pointless quarrel, myself only in mind
my future sorrow, how could I be so blind?
until tomorrow, kindness you still don’t find
Blank expressions
A stab wound, there’s no blood,
mind is untuned, clouded love,
convulsing, I start to scream,
I can’t believe it’s not a dream
Blank expressions
Blank expressions are all I see
frozen eyes that stare at me
your skin now cold and firm
time is up now its your turn
I stare now into your eyes,
frozen, staring up at the skies
my life now I dread,
it is my fault, now you’re dead
Blank expressions