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And all I know
Is this night-black air,
Thick with time and time

Whiffs of a latent changeability-
Defying recollection-
Keep their heralding to their deaf selves.

I dream of other things,
Outlines glowing, webs of strings…

A body.

…To be encased inside a body of my own-
only a moment would suffice-
To be a part,
And then again,
Through newly founded borders,
To permeate the world.


Loneliness rips me apart

It’s another black mark,
On a black paper so dark,
Things that happen around me,
They do not nothing but feed the loneliness inside me,
Make it grow,
From the gaping hole in the pit of my stomach,
To the growing cancer inside of my brain.
Its another wrinkle,
In my face so wrinkled.
Loneliness has been a constant companion,
This friend in need is a pest indeed!
Days become months,and months years,
But loneliness still reigns above all my fears,
The cruel king that it is;
With remorse his queen,
This is how its been.
For the years that have passed,
Ive been outrun outdone outclassed,
So what is it that i do now?
Do i try and find out.


I sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but can’t connect to.

Lonely is what I know,

Lonely is who I am,

Lonely is what I have always been

I look at others who seem so happy,

laughing, joking, sharing, caring.

It is a strange world they live in,

It looks warm and full of colour,

unlike mine which is cold and black

How I long to travel there

And sit with them for a while.

But it is a world that I don’t know

It seems strange, foreign.

So I think I’ll stay here for now,

and sit alone and stare,

at a world I know is there

but is not for me

Gareth S Brown