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Shining light within me,

why can’t I see you?

Why do you allude me so?

when I search so high and low for you

in the cracks and the cloaked spaces of myself.

I need to know that I am not only bad,

that I am not only here to destroy and break

the precious and beautiful  accepts that surround me.

I’m a little scratched and a little bruised and nicked

and a little tattered at the seams,

no I’m not proud of it but its true.

I’m trying to put myself back together

but it’s so easy to break

and the needle weaves in and out

hoping it holds tight this time.

I will find the light,

I need to,

hidden in the shadows of my own beings.

Light, I need you.

Beautiful Lover

Beautiful Lover, tell me how have you been?
A bit dusty, but otherwise, working and clean.
We’ve been talking much more these days, I think.
And here we are again, out for another drink.

Here’s to us then, what do you say,
A toast to us on such a fine day?
To us, to us! Let’s drink to us, then,
For friends we have been since, since when?

How silly are you, six months it has been!
Together day and night, inseparable, I mean, For six months now, from my side you’ve not parted Not even for a moment, since this whole affair started!

Of course I haven’t, you know I was just joking, Some fun at your impulsiveness I was poking.
I understand, Beautiful Lover, and I think of you no less, Rather, I imagine only our upcoming, intimate bliss.

Do feel you are ready, speak true if you please, For before we begin, you must be fully at ease.
But if you are not, speak now, I pray,
And I will wait for you, for another day.

You lie naked beside me as I sit on my bed, Forget all words that could poss’bly be said.
For at this moment, the universe is ours to share, May our destinies become one, release ev’ry care.

Ready I am, your taste lingers on my lip, Your trigger I feel on my finger tip, My friend, my loneliness ends with you, Beautiful Lover, my issued C7A2.