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Walking down empty streets with an empty heart,
searching, seeking ,with an almost animal lust and desperation
some form of human contact,
a friendly smile,
a helping hand,
a sign of caring,
a sign that I even exist in this cold, harsh land,
walking, walking, no destination,
walking, walking, empty heart,
deep sorrow,
angry, hurtful tears flow freely from a well of emptiness,
deep within a ravaged soul,
crying out loudly, silently,
for love, for comfort,
but no one comes, ever,
I am so, so



Far Away

– sbh

Some child, behind a whisper
does live for music


To hear shimmering tones
Melody, high, low, violin – Ashokan Waltz, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Mozart
The sweet playing of one so young so as to set you heart weeping joyfully

To be touched again by the sweet angry eyes of another child’s longing to feel present
Who begs love because he does not know he is already

To be held with loving grace, the large long fingered hands, 6 feet tall, enwrapped

Some child, behind a whisper does live for music

A child hidden
Masked through firm hand, strong tiny form who dances with headphones mile upon mile upon mile

Young woman’s face
Enshrouded with wisps of silver, white, brown, black hair
The directional lines of The Prophet’s ‘seasonless’ world mapped deep, directional
cause, effect across her cheeks

Some child, behind the voice of conviction
Facts, diagrams, judgments
Saved by music

This child does live for music
Longing to be sung through aged lips