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Deafening Silence

Wide open space. The emptiness of my heart.

So much love, yet so far away. I’m alone.

Were it not for God’s unchanging love, I would have no reason to stay.

Who remembers me? Who is thinking of me at this very moment?

My tears come quietly…fall silently. They are my companions.

The ache in my chest. Memories of feeling love.

My friends don’t want me.

My love can’t be with me.

My family is a world away. No one needs me.

A husband and kids: a distant fantasy.

The sound of laughter in my home: a far away wish.

Who would come? Who wants my presence?

Am I lovable? Am I too weird?

I feel at home among the lonely;

Strangers who need me like I need them.

No one to talk to. God thank You for listening.

I walk alone.

The ones I love forget about me.

I don’t want to burden…or bother…

I only want interaction…true love.

I’ve been left and forgotten.

I want to go home. I miss my mom & dad & god-brother.

They love me. I need them NOW.



A Closed Heart

I thought my heart was dead,
But yet she stands out to it.
I thought the last wound finished the deal,
But yet she seems to be a revival.
The ache from the last is still there, a crushing blow,
But she is the painkiller.
I convinced myself i was finished, never to love again,
But shes still there.
People told me to go for it,
I won’t believe them.
People say I can still be happy,
I can’t believe them…
I tell myself that my heart is still closed,
And I believe it.




So this is loneliness
a hollow echo
in rooms where
soul was once present

It was a death of sorts
an ache in the loins to be sure
but underneath that
an ache for companionship to terrible to talk about