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How to use the Web of Loneliness Poems Website

There are over 180 poems here on the Web of Loneliness (WOL) Website. That’s a lot of poems to read through. What this website does is to make it easier to find the poems that would be of most interest to you. Most likely you are looking for poems that match how you feel about loneliness or your experience of loneliness. I’m sure there is at least one poem that matches how you think or feel about your own loneliness. Below is a quick breakdown of how to find the poems most relevant to you.

Look at the column on the right, yeah over there →

The first section should look like this:

This contains the links for the main Web of Loneliness website.

  1. Submit you own loneliness poems takes you to a page and allows you to submit your own loneliness poems for display here on the WOL Poems Website.
  2. The Collection takes you back to the links contains the collection of loneliness artwork. It includes loneliness pictures and music.
  3. Web of Loneliness Home Page takes you back to the Web of Loneliness main page or home page.
  4. More about the Web of Loneliness Owner takes you to my Splash page giving you more information about me.

The next section looks like this:

The things underneath the title “Recent Posts” will change. However, what is there is a list of the recent poems that I’ve put up on the website. You can click on any one of them and it will take you directly there.

The next section looks like this:

This section links by months, how many poems I’ve added. You can click on a particular month and see what poems I’ve uploaded.

The next section looks like this:

I made up these categories. I’ve attempted to categorize each of the poems on a particular topic. Therefore I try to determine what is the overall gist of the poem and categorize it in one or more of these 14 categories. A brief explanation of each category:

  1. Afraid – In these poems, there are descriptions of being afraid, scared or frightened. Usually it is the experience of loneliness itself that is frightening
  2. Anxiety – These poems describe feelings of extreme anxiety
  3. Break-Up/Long Distance Relationship – The poems here focus on experiences of a break-up of a romantic relationship, loss of a romantic partner, or the person currently is in a long distance relationship
  4. Change – These poems focus on changes that are happening with the author that bring about feelings of loneliness
  5. Discarded – The authors describe feelings of being left behind, discarded, a sense that no one cares for them or misses them
  6. Escape/Suicidal Thoughts – Often loneliness can make one feel trapped. These poems describe the desire to escape loneliness, usually by fantasizing about suicide and death
  7. Falling in Love – These poems talk about feelings of falling in love. Sometimes it can be a frightening experience, sometimes it feels like it is chasing the loneliness away.
  8. Hiding – This category is meant to describe people who have resorted to hiding their feelings, thoughts. Sometimes they describe it as putting on a mask or faking it.
  9. Hope – These poems describe feelings of hope that one day the author will escape feelings of loneliness
  10. Loneliness experience – This category is a generic category. Poems in this category focus mainly on what loneliness, in general, feelings like.
  11. Numb – Authors in this category describe going numb in order to avoid the painful feelings of loneliness
  12. Searching – In this category, authors describe searching, perhaps for a way to cure their loneliness, perhaps for something else
  13. To Be Loved – These poems focus on strong feelings of wanting to be loved, of finding that someone special who will provide that missing love in their life
  14. Who am I? – Sometimes loneliness can make one feel lost and without a sense of self. These poems describe these feelings.

The next section looks like this:

A tag cloud consists of tags, with each tag having various sizes. Each of the poems in this website have various tags associated with them. In my case, tags mean that certain words are mentioned in the poem. So for example, there are poems that mentioned the words darkness, empty, heart, and pain. The size of the tag (or word) shows you how many poems contain these words. The larger the tag, the more poems contain that word. There are over 500 tags in the website, but this section just shows you the most popular tags. This is a useful alternative to the search box, especially when you can’t think of any descriptors for your feelings of loneliness.

So go ahead, give it a shot. Try one of the resources on the right to help you find the right poem for you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below.

Want to read about more features of the website. Go here for some additional tips once you’ve found poems you’ve enjoyed: More features with the Web of Loneliness Poems Website

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