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Winter night

By Eric Turgeon

Ask the winter night about loneliness

When the traffic has gone

and the hum of streetlights

is the only sound

Ask it what comfort its cold winds give

to homeless men

alone in neglected parks

staring at cities ablaze in light filled windows

And ask the winter night

about what warmth

heavenly stars can give

when they are so far away

Cenel’s Island

there’s a pretty twist in my bed
humming implements of incredible sex.
it’s the one that sends the waves to drown dancing tongues
to serenade the song of chemistry we composed.
and it kills the negative things.
it can kill anything, but not this wonderful being.
i stare at demise
tender and blind
experiencing life in the abstracts of your kind.
kicking death and trying to remember you’re under my wing.

so what’s behind this new face with dim eyes?
it’s beautiful.
I’ve arrived at an island for a ghost.
does the stimulation make your floral float
and eliminate the emptiness you felt once I shook your ship?
does it make your carrier swing?
can it make the aquarious sing?
I’m gonna try to taste it…


                           “When I enter your sights
You see a man with his Mother’s height
And his Father’s might
Therefore, I’m the strong silent type
The pen expresses my heart’s joy & fright
Life is what I write
Letting my dreams take flight
In the dark of the night
Only to return in the day when its bright
There is a lot of gray area, no black & white
I used to believe in honesty
Now I see modesty is the best policy
Time will tell who truly respects & honors me
I just have to love myself solidly
                        No room for possibly
Although, I can make space for probably
Emotions can’t be reasoned with logically
Balancing admiration from the public
Along with rejection is a little hard to stomach
The question that I find to be the toughest…
Do I really know what love is?
Sometimes I feel like my answer is rubbish
Only I should master my puppet
Every morning I try to awake to trumpets
Allowing hope to flare, but then I blunder it
Seeking refuge until the lightning & thunder quits
However, the rain persists
A necessity in order to wash away the pain that exists.” 
by E. Bassey


Shining light within me,

why can’t I see you?

Why do you allude me so?

when I search so high and low for you

in the cracks and the cloaked spaces of myself.

I need to know that I am not only bad,

that I am not only here to destroy and break

the precious and beautiful  accepts that surround me.

I’m a little scratched and a little bruised and nicked

and a little tattered at the seams,

no I’m not proud of it but its true.

I’m trying to put myself back together

but it’s so easy to break

and the needle weaves in and out

hoping it holds tight this time.

I will find the light,

I need to,

hidden in the shadows of my own beings.

Light, I need you.

Electricity, tunnels, and light

Has the power ever went out in your house at night during a storm,

and you’re left in the dark?

and all you can do is wait and wait…and wait for the power to come back on.

And hope that by some force greater than you and unknown

you will regain the electricity you lack

. The difference between this situation

and life is that sometimes waiting isn’t always the best choice.

Now I have a follow up question…

Has the power ever went out on you life?

You know what I mean?

You feel alone…



In the dark….

Where the literal light

cannot outshine the metaphorical darkness..

the literal darkness is even worse.

The darkness cloaks you like a tunnel.

And even when you embrace the very darkness

that surrounds you you still want to find the end of the tunnel.

Because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn’t there?

They say when you’re in the dark it’s best to stay put.

That way you won’t get any nicks, or scratches or bruises along the way.

Its terrifying.

Whether you’re scared of the things you think you see

or the things you have seen.

The place where you are is rather homely

and you have everything you need here.

You know you are safe and you’re comfortable.

However you are still surrounded by the very thing that eats at you.

And that light,

That warm unbeknown light is waiting for you.

I know it’s difficult and the first steps are always the hardest.

But if you make the choice to bare the burdens

that the unknown journey holds for you,

you might find a long the way that the

light you’ve been looking and wanting so badly

isn’t the only prize.