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Cruel Life

By Amy Friauf

Sleeping in each others’ arms,
The world so distant and deaf;
Life is so cruel even when great–
And I’ve no clue why I left.

Your breath on my cheek
Soft kisses on my neck,
If this is an unholy sin,
Then, God, send me to Heck.


What’s Wrong?

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I completely lost my mind?
How can it be possible, there was no warning sign.
As I sit in my room and try to keep you out of my head, Everything I think of, still points to you instead.

What the hell is wrong with me? Can this really be true?
All I ever think about is spending time with you.
I told myself I’d never fall for another one.
Because of you in my life that curse has been undone.

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I thought it through?
Every waking hour I want to be with you.
My morals keep asking if what I’m doing is right?
There’s something that comes over me when I hold you tight.

What the hell is wrong with me? Is all of this for real?
Your already taken, that’s a fact and it all becomes surreal.
Should I just let it go and move on with my life?
Why have I fallen for someone else’s wife?

What the hell is wrong with me? I should wake up and see the light.
I just can’t understand how something so wrong, makes me feel so right.
My mind is spinning round and round a hundred miles an hour.
I guess I should accept the fact, that it’s not within my power.

What the hell is wrong with me? Even writing this little poem.
Maybe I should back way way off, and leave it all alone.
I know it sounds real easy, I should just make the call.
It’s really quite the opposite when your heart has taken that fall.




Since way back when it’s sometimes seems my closest friend. It walks with me down the halls. It’s even the pictures on my walls it follows me everywhere I go. It has helped my love for you to grow. Loneliness makes my mind aware just how strong the love is we share. Loneliness is what I feel with out you it’s something I hope you feel too. So when you think of loneliness don’t feel so bad loneliness may be the best friend we’ve ever had.


By Keith B


Love One Last Time

All I want is a sign of kindness and love,
But all I get are mean looks.
It hurts so bad that everywhere I go,
Hoping to be accepted,
I get rejected.
They all look at me the same way,
With eyes full of contempt and resentment
But maybe I deserve what I get
For being a cruel, cold person
I drove everyone away from me,
But only lately have I realized that they were never really there for me,
Each one had hidden intentions,
All meant to sacrifice me-
I feel so empty and numb,
So lonely and dejected
Everyone says they love me,
But I know better than to believe them
Broken promises and rushed lies,
To cover up their faults,
And I stand here,
With my heart in my hands
Bleeding, nearly dead,
Yet how is it that I’m willing to let it get broken again?
I know it won’t survive another wound,
So how is it that with you
I’m willing to take that chance,
When I’m pretty sure I won’t survive the fall?
So much pain,
Leaving me numb,
My heart shuts down
Yet I’m able to love again
Will you be the on to show me what I truly want?
Will you help me soar or let me fall?
Will you be there forever or for just 10 seconds?
I’m terrified to love again…to let my heart open up,
But I don’t want to miss…all that I could spend with you…
No, even if it doesn’t work out,
It won’t be time gone to waste,
For I learned to love…

Shadow’s Death

A Love Deferred

By: D.J.S.

To find the perfect word
One that would but express
Her beauty is yet unheard
So profound; preposterous to condense

A frame so slight
Possessed pulchritude
A smile of light
Sweet sardonic attitude

An innocuous purity
Beyond eyes of twilight
Golden hair revelry
A voice poetic, hardly trite

She moves with such grace
Each action sublime
An alluring lyric to embrace
A touch blissfully divine

Poetry in motion
To coin an old phrase
An orgasmic ocean
A heart-broken and razed