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What’s it like over there,
With that manicured body and that perfect hair,

Tired of all your dates,
Wish you could just chill at home some night,

Hard to keep track of it all,
Sick of all that time at the mall,

Friends annoying and loud,
Wish you could find a different crowd,

Well, try it my way,
Try being alone

every night and every day,

Oh, sure a few real friends,

but NO ONE to go home to. Not even a tormentor for company

It hurts. I’ll trade mine for yours any day.


A day and a night to talk me out of my reverie
Some simple lies that help me breathe
A clearer path to make me see
A look at the madness living within me

Happiness is all I want
Care is all I need
I just meant to vent some frustration
Getting a few to bend knee

I might have gone too far
I can’t say I miss her
She just wasn’t me

As I slip into this dark abyss
Fear me now, this is not who I’m meant to be
Care you not of my condition?
I would not heed thee

Haven’t you ever felt this way?
So used and torn
All you can do to stay one way

I don’t want to do it
I’m ready to change

So take me out of this torture
Relieve me of this pain
All I need is a little hope now
A light to guide my way

by Prozac