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So here I am again,

Standing on the line,

Of what’s real or vain,

You’re so distinct,

Dear loneliness you found me,

Between the lines of eternity and my soul. 

The sun is here, 

But it feels so cold.

My shadow is reflecting,

And my hairs are floating.

” I’m use to it it’s fine, to be hurt, to be left, and every single hope I said are just memories in my head.”

I want to break,

I want to cry,

And hold into your hand.

I beg you,

I beg you,

Don’t leave me. 

” I’ll be good “

I promise.

I just want someone to love

And never let go.

What should I do,

To make you see.

I’m so desperate,

To feel a gentle hand,

On my head.

I don’t mean anything,

To anyone.

And those words let you see,

How pitiful I really am.

One response to “Confession

  1. Wysteria August 12, 2012 at 8:13 am

    Not pitiful..not at all…real and poignant…I wish I could send you a picture that would go so well with your poem, and yet is soothing in it’s own way too. It’s of an angel with a street person with his head in her lap sleeping while she keeps watch over him and has her hand resting on his head to comfort him. I relate to it and to your poem.. I hope you are not feeling so desperate now..gentle hugs…

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