Web of Loneliness Poems

Poems of the Lonely

With Two Dogs In The Yard

a House shelters from the rains, the winds, the outside elements,

a Home shelters from human fears, loneliness and despair.


a House keeps out intruders, people who would take from within,

a Home invites strangers, people who will become friends and givers.


a House stores things…pictures, books, computer stuff and possessions,

a Home holds memories… stories, shared moments of learning, joys and sorrows.


a House warms the body, provides comfort to the flesh,

a Home warms the soul, provides comfort to the spirit.


a House is a place where golden and black have a back yard to play,

a Home is where Mart and Thor are loved in every room.


a House has a street address and can be burned to the ground with fire,

a Home has an essence which can be torn apart by mistrust.


Our Home is now my house…


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