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Poems of the Lonely

Deep Dark Secret

I don’t know why

I’m feeling down today

I wish I had wings

So I could just fly away

Away from it all

That brings me down

If you told me to smile

I’d be wearing a frown

Sometimes I sit and wonder

What it would be like on the other side

Where I can do my own thing

Where there are no rules to abide

Would I be missed if I died today?

If I cross over and I go

My Deep Dark Secret

No one would know

So I pray for guidance

I don’t want any regret

All the things you’ve done for me

I assure you, I won’t forget

So this is it

I just needed for you to see

What was going on inside my mind

What was deep inside of me

By Artemis Mann

One response to “Deep Dark Secret

  1. Jordan May 21, 2011 at 1:26 am

    I have to say this poem is beautiful in its sound. sorry if that’s not what you went for but I find it quite intresting. if you can i would like to more.

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